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Download Miracle Box Latest Setup V3.36 | Miracle Thunder Update

Download Miracle Box Latest Setup V3.09 | Miracle Thunder Update

Miracle Box is a mobile phone system managing and data Flashing software that let users format, flash, unlock, and repair any modern-day smartphone and tablet model. This tool needs one-time a year of activation fees to diagnose the device’s software-related problems and repairs conveniently. It helps to read and write protected storage areas, which come with bootloader protection. Check the below link if you want to Download Miracle Box V3.36 Latest Setup to your PC.

Miracle Box Digital Edition allows users to bypass or remove FRP. It also supports Flashing, IMEI Recovery, Flashing, User Lock, Flashing, and Flashing. SPD, MTK & Qualcomm, and all CPUs. It includes all the necessary software repairs for mobile phones.

Miracle Box is a powerful but premium mobile repair tool specially developed for any Android Chinese Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, leEco, Meizu, Asus, Samsung, Qualcomm, MTK, and SPD phones. If you have a Miracle thunder dongle then you can use the latest setup to repair any problems such as flashing firmware, removing screen lock, factory reset, read-write security, enabling diag, removing Pattern lock, reset password/pin/FRP lock easily. In the following topics, I share the Miracle Box Latest V3.12 setup free which helps to repair your phone easily.

This storage area can be used for valuation purposes, such as unlocking a locked device, restoring damaged OS sections or bootloader, or replacing an OS section in order to increase functionality or improve performance. This app can be used to fix corrupted OS files and change system apps, such as those controlling onboard cameras.

What Miracle Box Latest Version V3.36 Can do?

Miracle Box has many options to use, on below we share some best and most important features the Miracle Tool can do are below, This app can be used as a diagnostic tool and an OS/firmware flasher. You will find a wealth of sensor readings and diagnostics within this cluttered, yet professional-made UI.

This can help experienced technicians to troubleshoot a wide range of issues on modern cell phones. On the right side of your app, you will find the diagnostic listing panel. There are 11 main tabs with a wide variety of tools. The Start/Stop button is the key to maintaining a phone connection. This section is also the most important. The app cannot manage wired connections via USB ports.

Its size is more than 800 MB because of its compatibility with modern portable device types. Its installation is very simple and compatible with many modern devices, the size of the package is nearly 800MB. 

The best part is you can use it on any MTK and Qualcomm-powered Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, Huawei, LeEco, or Meizu Smartphones quite easily, and repair the phone using the same process. You don’t have to define the version of the CPU.

Download Miracle Box Thunder Latest Setup V3.36

Download Miracle Box V3.36 Latest Setup from the below link, we share the official links you can use to repair your phone successfully. So, check below you will get the link to download the file.

File NameLinks
(New)Miracle_Qualcomm_EMMC Tool v3.14Download
Miracle_Emmc Plus Tool v1.39Download
(New)Miracle_Ninja_Box v1.41Download
Miracle_FRP Tool v1.60Download
Miracle_Vivo Tool v4.41Download
Miracle Meizu Tool v2.14Download
(New)Miracle_Moto Tool v2.06Download
(New) Miracle_Xiaomi_Tool v1.52Download
Miracle_Huawei Tool v2.20Download
(New) Miracle_MBypass Tool V1.02Download
(New) Miracle Samsung Unlock Tool v2.25Download
Miracle_Schematics Pro ToolDownload

Devices Supported:

Oppo: OPPO Neo 3, OPPO F3 Youth, OPPO Joy, OPPO Joy 3, OPPO R7, OPPO Find 7, OPPO R5, OPPO A5s, OPPO F3, OPPO F1S, OPPO A71, OPPO A83, OPPO F7, OPPO A1K, Oppo A33, Oppo A97, Oppo A37, Oppo C1, OPPO R9S, OPPO A3, OPPO R1K, A5s, A7Xt, A83, F5 CPH1723, F5 CPH1727, F5 Youth CPH1725, F7 CPH1819, F7 CPH1859, F7 CPH1859 Meta Mode, F9 Pro CPH1823, R5, R7 Lite, N5111, Neo7. 
Xiaomi: MI 9 SE, MI 9 SE(Dual Lte), Mi A2 (Dual Lte), MI Max (Dual Lte), MI Max (Dual Lte), MI Max (Duos Lte), MI Max 2 (Dual Lte), MI Max 2 (Dual Lte), MI Max 3(Dual Lte), MI MAX PRIME, MI Max Prime (Dual Lte), MI MIX (Dual Lte), MI MIX 2 (Dual Lte), MI MIX 2 (Dual Lte), MI MIX 2S (Dual Lte), MI MIX 2S (Dual Lte), MI MIX 2S Global (Dual Lte), MI Note (Dual Lte), MI Note (Duos Lte CHM), MI Note (Duos Lte), MI Note 2 (Dual Lte), MI Note 3 (Dual Lte), MI Note 3 (Dual Lte), MI Note 5 Pro (Dual Lte), MI Note Pro (Dual Lte), MI Note Pro (Duos Lte), MI PAD (WiFi), MI PAD 2 (WiFi), MI Poco(Dual Lte), Mi S2 (Dual Lte), Mi Y2 (Dual Lte), MI-ONE (3G), MI-ONE C1 (3G CTC), MI-One Plus, MI-ONE Youth (3G), NOTE 7, POCO F1 GLOBAL, Redmi 3 (Dual Lte), Redmi 3 (Dual Lte), Redmi 3S (Dual Lte), Redmi 3X (Dual Lte), Redmi 3X (Dual Lte), Redmi 4 (Dual Lte), Redmi 4 (Dual Lte), Redmi 4A (Dual Lte), Redmi 4A (Duos Lte CHM), Redmi 4A Global (Duos Lte), Redmi 4A Global (Duos Lte), Redmi 4X (Dual Lte), Redmi 4X (Dual Lte), Redmi 4X Global (Duos Lte), Redmi 5 (Dual Lte), Redmi 5 (Dual Lte), Redmi 5 Plus (Dual Lte), Redmi 5 Plus (Dual Lte), Redmi 5A (Dual Lte), Redmi 5A (Dual Lte), REDMI 6 (MTK), REDMI 6 PRO, REDMI 6 PRO IN, Redmi 6 Pro(Dual Lte), Redmi 7(Dual Lte), Redmi Note 3 (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 3 Global (Duos Lte), Redmi Note 4 Global (Duos Lte), Redmi Note 4G Global (Duos Lte), Redmi Note 4X (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 4X Global (Duos Lte), Redmi Note 5 (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5 (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5 Pro Global (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5A (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5A (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5A Prime (Dual Lte), Redmi Note 5A Prime (Dual Lte), REDMI NOTE 6 PRO, Redmi 6A, REDMI NOTE 7 PRO, Redmi Note 7(Dual Lte), XM-D2T GLOBAL, XM-E1S GLOBAL, Xiaomi Mi 10 5G (umi), Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G (cmi), Xiaomi Mi CC9 (Pyxis), Xiaomi Mi CC9e (laurus), Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro (tucana), Xiaomi Mi Poco X2 (phoenix), Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 Plus (clover), Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (clover), Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G (andromeda), Xiaomi Mi A3 (bamboo), Xiaomi Mi 9 SE (grus), Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G (crux), Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (equuleus), Xiaomi Mi 8 SE (sirius), Redmi 8 (olive), Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo), Redmi Note 8T (willow), Redmi Note 7 (lavender), Redmi Note 7S (lavender), Redmi K30 (phoenix), Redmi Note 7 (Micro), Redmi 7A (pine).
Vivo: Y51A, V1, V3, V7, V9 Youth, Nex, Nex A, V11, V11 Pro, X5 Max, X7 Plus, X9, X9 Plus, X9S, X9s Plus, X20, X20 Plus, X21, X21A, X21ud, X23, X91, XPlay 6 Test Point, Y13L, Y15, Y51, Y53, Y53a, Y55
Y55A, Y55S, Y71, Y79, Y85, Y85A, Y91, Y93, Y319, Z1, Z3, Z10, V5s,.
Huawei: Ascend Y530 (Y530-U051), Honor 7A (AUM-AL00), Honor 7A (AUM-AL00IN), Honor 7A (AUM-AL20), Honor 7A (AUM-L29), Honor 7A (AUM-L33), Honor 7A (AUM-TL20), Honor 7C (AUM-L41), Honor 7C (AUM-L41), Honor 7C (LND-AL30), Honor 7C (LND-AL40), Honor 7C (LND-L29), Nova (CAN-AL00), Nova (CAN-L01), Nova (CAN-L02), Nova (CAN-L03), Y7 2017 (TRT-LX1), Y7 2017 (TRT-LX3).
Lenovo: K10 Plus (L39051), Z5 Pro GT (L78032), Vibe P1m (P1ma40)
ZTE: Blade T2 (Z559DL), Blade V9 [P450L10], Zpad 8 (K83V), Z899VL, Z986DL, Z353VL, Z610DL, Z716BL, Z936L, Z717VL, Z818L, Z819L, Z836BL, Z837VL, Z861BL, Z862VL, Z558VL, Z916BL, Z917VL, Z955L, Z962BL, Z963VL, Z986DL.
Alcatel: OT-8063
Alpha: iBRIT AF51
Bravis: Atlas A551
Condor: Plume P7 Plus (PGN523)
Gionee: S6s
iTel: S11
Karbonn: K9 Virat 4G, K9 Kavach
Lava: Z60, Z70
Positivo: Twist Mini (S431)
QMobile: i6 Metal HD, i9, Energy X1,
Reeder: M8
Symphony: H58, V46
Tecno: IN2
VGOTEL: Venture V8
Walton: Primo GH6+

Changelogs Miracle Box V3.36

1. VIVO Qualcomm Add and Improved
A. Add Vivo Bootloader Unlock Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
B. Add Vivo Demo Remove EDL [Qualcomm-->Extra]
C. Add Vivo Demo Remove Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
D. Improve Vivo Account UnLock EDL [Qualcomm-->Extra]
E. Add Vivo Bootloader Relock Fastboot [Qualcomm-->Extra]
F. Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO) [Qualcomm-->Unlock]
G. Add Vivo reboot fastboot to EDL (VIVO2) [Qualcomm-->Unlock]

2. Oppo Qualcomm Added
Oppo A33 (2020) CPH2137
Oppo A32 (2020) PDVM00
Oppo A53 (2020) CPH2127
Oppo A74 (2021) CPH2219
Oppo F19 (2021) CPH2219 (F19)
Oppo F19s (2021) CPH2223
Oppo F17 (2020) CPH2095
Oppo A73 (2020) CPH2099
Oppo Reno6 Lite (2022) CPH2365
Realme 7i (2020) RMX2103

3. MTK Add and Improve
A. Improve kg Unlock
B. Add Format Meta Data (for Bootloader Unlock)
C. Add Disable MI Account
D. Add MI Account Reset
E. Add Huawei ID Remove
F. Update New DA
G. Improve imei Repair (Flash Mode for old models)

4. MTK meta mode Improve
A. Add OPPO SIM Unlock Unlock/Read (Meta Mode) Beta
B. Improve META Connect and Read Info
C. Improve META IMEI Repair/Read
D. Improve Meta Format Partition (Unlock/Read (Meta Mode))

5. Samsung Improve
A. Add FRP Remove and Auto Enable ADB
B. Add Improve Reset FRP (ADB) and Add Reset Frp (ADB)2 [Samsung->misc]
C. Support All Android for Samsung

6. Android ADB Improve
A. Update Adb.exe
B. Add Reset Frp (ADB)2

7. Qualcomm Add and Improve
A. Add Realme Loaders for Auto Loader
B. Add Lenovo lLoaders for Auto Loader
C. Add Huawei ID Remove

8. SPD Add and Improve
A. Add new boot t320 support
B. Add new models suuport

9. Improve Vivo mtk models DA
A. Add VIVO MTK Secuity sig (6765-6893)
B. Add VIVO Demo Remove (Flash Mode)
C. Improve MTK Read/wWrite command (Flash Mode)
D. Add new IMEI repair method in Flash mode

How to Use Miracle Box Setup V3.36

  • Download the Miracle Box Latest Setup and extract it using 7zip or WinRar.
  • Run the MiracleBox.exe
  • Now the installation wizard will open, click: Next => Next => Agree => Finish.
  • Double click to run the Miracle Tool from the desktop setup.
  • Connect Miracle Box & Dongle tool to your computer
  • It will take some time, wait with patients.
  • Open Miracle Thunder Tool
  • Once it is launched, now you get the below-listed functions to repair your phone.
  • MTK:
    • Service: Read info, Read, Write, Format, RD/Unlock IMEI, Badsoftware, Rd Anti-theft, Rd TelBK, Er Telbk, NV Read, Bad Factory, Network Unlock, Repair FS, NV Write, Clear Code(ADB), Read Code (SIM), Unlock bootloader, Unlock SIM.
    • Unlock Fix: Fix DL Mode, Read pattern, Clear Anti-theft, Root, Restore Root, Read PhoneBook, Read Network Code, Reset Code, Clear Settings/FRP, BT Addr Repair, Gionee Account Unlock, Unlock Network, Meizu Note2 unlock anti-piracy, Meizu Unlock Account/ Phone Lock.
    • Extra: Open USB debugging, Memory Repartition, Fix Unknown Baseband, Back BPLGUI, Memory Read, Memory Write, read Preloader, Write Preloader, Init Modem, FRP Remove, Oppo OFP extract, Coolpad CPB extract, RAM Test, Miracle AV.
    • Custom Setting:
  • SPD: Read info, Read, Write, Format, RD Unlock, Badsoftware, Rd Anti-theft, Rd TelBK, Er Telbk, Read NV nand, Bad Factory, Network Unlock, Repair FS, Write NV nand, Read Code (SIM), Unlock bootloader, Unlock SIM, Backup phonebook, RD HWinfo, Clear code Android, Root (ADB), Backup Mobile ADB, Wr HW info, Reset user code, Restore Root, SP Unlock (Beta), FRP Reset, Miracle AV, Restore backup AV.
  • Qualcomm:
    • Unlock: Read Info, Enable Diag, Reboot, Lock Bootloader, Unlock Bootloader, Reboot EDL Mode from Fastboot, Forced EDL Mode from box, Read Codes (Network), New method (Need Root Access), Direct Unlock (Networks), No Root Method, Auto backup QCN, Read QCN, Write QCN, Factory QCN Format, IMRI 1, IMEI 2.
    • Repair: Factory Reset, Remove Account Locks, Read efs, write efs, Reset efs, Read OEM, write OEM, Reset OEM, Repair Boot.
    • Flashing: Write Flash, Custom Flasher.
    • Read/Format Flash: read partition, read flash, read pattern, factory reset, Direct Unlock, Write selected, wipe selected, repair FS.
    • Extra: Mi account unlock, Mi Prevent lock, Mi BL unlock, Oppo repair baseband, Asus FRP Unlock, Meizu Account unlock, Oppo Account Unlock, Vivo Account Unlock, Remove Account lock (Other), Emmc test (EDL), Direct Unlock Network (EDL).
    • Repair/Unlock/Flash(CDMA): Read Info, Read, Write, Enable Diag, File Unlock, SP Unlock, LG Reset user lock Download Mode, Mi repair IMEI, File Unlock, LG FRP Remove, LG-Unlock Network, Mi Account Reset, Qualcomm Hang On Logo fixed.
    • Qualcomm Flasher
  • Mster/W: Read, Write, RD unlock, File Unlock, Reset, Format.
  • Coolsand RDA: Read Info, Read, Write, RD unlock, File Unlock, Reset, Format, Read NV, Write NV.
  • Android:
    • Home:
      • ADB: Read Info, Go recovery, Go Bootloader, Check- Fastboot, Format All, Reset Mi Cloud, Flash-pack, +Format, Write IMG (Manual Flash), Mi Account Reset, Mi Account Reset (ADB).
      • ADB (Extra): Motorola FRP Reset, Samsung DRK Repair, Samsung FRP Reset, Oppo Unlocks, Oppo Network Unlock, Oppo FRP Reset, Mi Remove All Lock, Mi Disable Account, Generic FRP Reset, Oppo RSA Secret key, Oppo Unlocks (2).
      • Fastboot: Read Info, Wipe Userdata, Wipe Cache, Wite Data, Unlock Bootloader, Lock Bootloader, FRP reset (Micromax/ Yuphoria, Qualcomm), File Unlock, Get-Token, Goto-RUU, Repair IMEI, Repair MEID, FlashZip, Reboot, Remove FRP universal, Erase IMEI universal, Vivo Unlocks, Vivo Unlock Bootloader, Vivo Lock BL, Lyf Unlocks, LYF Unlock Bootloader, MI repair wifi, OnePlus 3 FRP reset, Enable USB Debug, Nexus 6 FRP reset, Mi Account Reset.
      • Fastboot (Extra): Motorola Bootloader waring Fix, Asus FRP Reset.
    • HTC/BCM:
      • HTC: Readinfo, NCK/NSCK Unlock, Android goldcard, Unlock Simlock (DESIRE C), Reset FRP, Sprint Unlock.
      • Broadcom:
    • Allwinner: Readinfo, Clear Code, Read Pattern Code, Wipe/factory reset, Root (ADB), Google lock remove, Read Gmail ID.
    • Nokia:
      • Android: Readinfo, Reboot Recovery, Reboot Fastboot, Restore Contacts, Backup contacts, Root (ADB), Write Flash.
      • Lumia: Factory Reset, Full NVI Update, Reboot After Flash, Readinfo, Write Flash.
    • AV: Show System packages, Show Third-Party packages, Show disable, Show enabled packages, Make Backup of packages, Reboot After Removal, Get Package List, Remove Selected packages, Setting method.
    • MTK Flasher:
    • Intel:
      • Asus
      • Lenovo
    • Xiaomi:
  • Samsung:
  • Huawei:
  • Blackberry:
  • Tools:

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